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local tastes

I palia Vytina


A tasteful throwback to old culinary delights of mountainous Arcadia, for a pleasant meal in Vytina, at the foot of Mainalo. Selected traditional and modern recipes with good wine, in a special environment with friendly service.

To koutouki tou Gianni


In Vytina, in the central square of the settlement and in a very beautiful alley, the traditional tavern with an important place in the gastronomic history of Arcadia, is a timeless choice for special taste pleasures and dishes that combine excellent quality and taste with the decoration and presentation of dishes.

To Archontiko tis Athinas


It welcomes you in a truly traditional space, with stone & wood dominating. With a long tradition in the gastronomy of Vytina, he will take care of the best selection and preparation of all the dishes and local dishes that he will offer you from genuine, pure ingredients of the Arcadian land.

To tsipouradiko tou Panteli

Traditional cafe-tavern-tsipouradiko

A hot food spot! There, Pantelis and his friends prepare extremely tasty dishes and local delicacies with great care and careful selection of pure local products. Stands out are the fried pork with wine, the cod with garlic, the liver with orange sauce, the wild seasonal herbs, the souvlaki, the roasts of the hour, the salted wild boar, the pork poula, and the fine mezes of the day. Good wine and warm company accompany the guests and create a particularly friendly atmosphere.

I klimataria


Good wine and warm company accompany the guests and create a particularly friendly atmosphere. Nice atmosphere and good service.

Kokkina Pitharia

Traditional restaurant

In the square of Vytina, the owner – head chef of the restaurant Panagiotis Bourtsouklis promises you a unique dining experience. Traditional Greek cuisine with creative touches and there are also twisted Mediterranean recipes for beautiful tasting journeys. Working with fresh meats and highly sought after spices, the game dishes


sights and monuments

Folklore Museum of Vytina

“The purpose of the Museum is the preservation of the cultural heritage, the gathering, rescue, conservation and display of all kinds of historical and folklore material for the educational and cultural promotion of the residents of Vytina and the wider region and the visitor’s acquaintance with the local folk culture »

Holy Monastery of Kernitsa

The Monastery of Panagia Kernitsa is located at an altitude of 840m, at a distance of 3km. from Nymvasia village, 7 km. from Vytina and 47 km. from Tripoli. The monastery is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin. It was built in 1386 in a position that was a natural fortress, because it is located between the mountains of Argyrokastro and Mount Thaumasios. It is considered the oldest monastery in the prefecture of Arcadia. From 1680 onwards, a Hidden School, as well as a Higher School, operated within the monastery.

Historical sites of Kolokotroni

The village of Limbovisi, a few kilometers south of Vytina, is considered the place where Theodoros Kolokotronis spent his childhood. The building, where according to tradition, the “Old Man of Morea” was born, perched on a small hill, has been restored and functions as a museum.


an experience of a lifetime

White Waters Rafting

Small and large groups are trained in the necessary descent techniques, put on the necessary equipment and enter the boats to live a unique experience on two of the most beautiful rivers in Greece! With our boats, we have the opportunity to approach otherwise inaccessible places of unique beauty, to discover the hidden wonders of the river, to have fun while paddling and to swim in the crystal clear waters.

Mainalo Ski Center

Unique descents on snow-capped mountain peaks.
The mountain of legends and traditions with its pristine and primeval idyllic landscapes, scattered with historic villages and picturesque settlements, make Mainalo a particularly important meeting point of nature, history and culture. Enjoy amazing descents and white runs in one of the oldest ski resorts in the country, follow the cobbled paths, cross the stone bridges and get lost in the unique beauty of the landscape.